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Series of films to be screened at Algiers movie theatre in tribute of composer, Ahmed Malek

DZ Breaking 20 Jul 2021
ALGIERS- The Algerian movie theatre pays tribute to Algerian composer Ahmed Malek, who died ... A native of Algiers in 1931, Ahmed Malek took courses in learning musical instruments, such as; the piano and accordion.

Aid El Adha: Special program to ensure availability of water (SEEAL)

DZ Breaking 19 Jul 2021
AlgeriaThe Company of Water and Sanitation of Algiers (SEAAL) informed, this Monday, July 09, that the distribution of drinking water in Algiers is ensured for at least eight hours during the first day of Aid El Adha ... The water rationing plan in 57 communes of Algiers ...

ALGERIA : With Algiers unwilling to apply association agreement, Brussels falls back on twinning

Africa Intelligence 15 Jul 2021
The European Union (EU) is trying, whether Algiers likes it or not, to revive its institutional relations with Algeria, which ....

Six small, medium size enterprises are preparing to enter Algiers Stock Exchange

DZ Breaking 14 Jul 2021
ALGIERS- Six private sector small and medium size enterprises are ready to enter Algiers Stock Exchange soon, in order to mobilize funds to finance their investment projects, according to the head of the Committee for Organizing and Monitoring Stock Exchange Operations (COSOP), Abdelhakim Berrah.

CEO of Sonelgaz pays field visit to Algiers

DZ Breaking 08 Jul 2021
ALGIERS- The CEO of the Sonelgaz group, Chahar Boulakhras, accompanied by the Wali of Algiers, Youcef Chorfa, paid, this Thursday, July 8, a working and inspection visit to the capital Algiers.

Court of Algiers: Appeal trial of former wali of Tipasa postponed

DZ Breaking 07 Jul 2021
ALGIERS – The first Correctional Chamber of the Court of Algiers postponed, Wednesday, to July 28, the appeal trial of the former wali of Tipasa, Mustapha Layadhi, prosecuted in a corruption case and sentenced to 4 years in prison with a fine of one (1) million Da ... APS ....

ALGERIA : France's RATP negotiates exit from Algiers metro

Africa Intelligence 06 Jul 2021
RATP has been operating the metro in the capital since 2011 via its subsidiary RATP El Djaza�r, but the transport ....

Algiers: Premier supervises distribution operation of 18,000 housing units- Photos

DZ Breaking 06 Jul 2021
ALGIERS- Prime Minister, Aymene Benabderrahmane, began this Tuesday morning, a working visit to Algiers during which he supervised a housing distribution operation, on the occasion of ...

Pasteur Institute: New cases of “Delta” variant discovered in Algiers

DZ Breaking 06 Jul 2021
ALGIERS- 7 new cases of the mutated “delta” variant of Covid-19 virus have been discovered in the capital Algiers, bringing the total cases discovered so far to 31, according to a statement made, Monday, by Pasteur Institute of Algeria ... entv ....

‘The Italian Girl in Algiers’ opera comes to Tel Aviv

The Jerusalem Post 04 Jul 2021
 “It’s a gem, sort of a sitcom, a musical comedy of situations,” said Yuval Zorn, excitedly describing L’Italiana in Algieri (The Italian Girl in Algiers), an entertaining opera by Gioachino Rossini that he’ll be conducting this month for the Israeli Opera.

Morocco responsible for blocking appointment of new UN envoy to SADR, Sahrawi Ambassador to Algiers

DZ Breaking 02 Jul 2021
Algiers, – Ambassador of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) in Algeria, Abdelkader Taleb Omar, said that the Moroccan system was responsible for blocking the appointment of the personal envoy of the UN Secretary General to Western Sahara with the intention of ...

ALGERIA/UNITED ARAB EMIRATES : Abu Dhabi's unease over Algier's extradition request for ex-Sonatrach CEO Ould Kaddour

Africa Intelligence 01 Jul 2021
The case of Abdelmoumen Ould Kaddour, the former CEO of Algeria's national oil company Sonatrach, currently held in the UAE ....

Covid-19: Worrying situation in Algiers, Oran, Constantine and S�tif

DZ Breaking 26 Jun 2021
ALGIERS- The epidemiological situation in the wilayas of Algiers, Oran, Constantine and S�tif is a source of concern, because of the increase in contaminations, declared, Saturday, Pr ... ....